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PressFriends is a nonprofit formed by kids for kids in 2008. Our mission is to make writing and learning fun for elementary school kids, to empower every kid to become a socially responsible leader and mentor, and to create compassion and understanding in youth from diverse backgrounds to strengthen communities.

We use peer-mentoring and project-based learning to encourage youth to write for fun.  We work with Title I schools and local community centers to hold afterschool newspaper clubs, and in the summer, we hold student-run summer camps that combine an activity with writing.

Since 2008, PressFriends has trained over 650 student volunteers, mentored over 3500 underserved youth, published 120 newspapers, and printed 50,000 copies of those newspapers. We print for all the third, fourth, and fifth graders in the schools and community centers where we hold programs.  We take the students  in our program on a minimum of two field trips a year. 

PressFriends is an all-volunteer organization, so every dollar donated goes directly to program costs.  


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