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Every day, in almost every jurisdiction, police arrest people suspected of committing crimes. And, every day, in almost every jurisdiction, the vast majority of these defendants are provided an opportunity to pay money and be released according to a pre-set bond schedule.  Doesn't matter if they are dangerous, mentally ill, or repeat offenders.  If you can pay, you can walk out the front door of the jail. The system is unfairly based on money, not how dangerous someone is.

PJI was started nearly 35 years ago to help communities implement a model of rational, fair, safe and effective programs.  It's about protecting the community from dangerous people who have the money to get out of jail within minutes.  It's about protecting taxpayers from spending money counties don't have to house non-dangerous people awaiting their day in court.  And, many times, it's about fighting special interest groups who want the status quo maintained because it's better for them financially or politically. 


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