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Apes and monkeys have been used as lab subjects, entertainment animals and even tried as household pets for decades. As a result, many primates have suffered emotional and physical traumas and need our help!

Fortunately, the Primate Rescue Center exists to provide a safe haven for these wounded animals. We work tirelessly to undo past traumas by providing physical and emotional rehabilitation to each individual we rescue. 

Over the last 30 years, the center has expanded to house over fifty primates, including 9 chimpanzees who live together as a family group, 1 siamang gibbon and over ten species of monkeys. Our sanctuary currently occupies 30 acres of land in central Kentucky, with buildings and grounds designed to afford the residents a quiet, peaceful place to spend their lives. Most of the primates have traumatic pasts and we have evolved a distinguished rehabilitation and recovery process in order to give them a second chance at life.


Cory  was born in April of 1995 at the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates (LEMSIP), a biomedical research laboratory in New York that has since been closed. Cory experienced emotional and psychological trauma in the lab when he was separated at birth from his mother. Although such maternal deprivation is extremely difficult for a young primate, Cory found solace in his peers - Ike, Rodney, Pozna, Jenny, Noelle and Martina. In 1996, these seven young chimpanzees were rescued from LEMSIP and came to live at the Primate Rescue Center when they were all under the age of 5. In the years that the rescued chimps have lived in sanctuary, they have been able to experience a more natural existence. They enjoy the company of their family group and the quiet, peaceful life that sanctuary affords them.

It is our mission to relieve the suffering of primates wherever it occurs. We dedicate our time and energy to providing rescued primates with the care and comfort they deserve. The Primate Rescue Center is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that receives no direct funding from the federal government or the state of Kentucky. We rely on the donations of passionate, caring individuals to sustain the medical, psychological and biological needs of the residents.


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