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Project Bread makes emergency food accessible to those who would otherwise go hungry; educates, mobilizes, and empowers people through its signature event, The Walk for Hunger, and other avenues of action; conducts research and develops innovative solutions to end hunger; and, in partnership with others, advocates freedom from hunger across the Commonwealth. Project Bread brings hungry families a wide range of solutions that provide immediate relief and long-term support. It funds 400 emergency food programs throughout the state through The Walk for Hunger. It works unflaggingly to support enrollment in school breakfast and lunch programs, after-school snack programs, summer recreation lunch programs, federal nutrition programs, and it provides food vouchers and food stamps through community health centers. Project Bread evaluates every initiative by asking: ?how does this make a hungry person feel?? All program development is shaped by the organization?s concern for removing stigma, removing barriers to access, providing the most nutritious food possible, and preserving the dignity of those who need help.


Project Bread provides grants to over 400 emergency food programs; develops and supports innovative efforts to feed children at home, in schools, and in childcare and recreational settings in 35 low-income communities; collaborates with low-income school districts to improve the quality of school breakfasts by offering a state-of-the-art menu developed in consultation with the Harvard School of Public Health through The Better Breakfast Initiative; facilitates the Food for Families program, which integrates hunger prevention into a family?s routine visit to a community health center; operates the only statewide hunger hotline that answers nearly 40,000 calls a year from families in need; transports more than 6.5 million pounds of food each year to emergency food programs through its Food Drive for the Hungry program, and serves as the lead agency for the Northeast Regional Antihunger Network, which represents New England and New York in national policy discussions and shared best practices.

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