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Project ECHO is a non-profit community of entrepreneurs, teachers, MBA students, and supporters that provides opportunities for teens to experience the full spectrum of entrepreneurship through a year long program.  ECHO has a solid track record of:

  • Helping teens believe in themselves, their futures, and helping them identify future college and career paths. 
  • More than 90% of ECHO teens are college bound 
  • More than 92% of teens give credit to ECHO for keeping them interested in school, and on a personal path to succeed. 

Student Quotes

"From Project ECHO, I learned invaluable leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills that I know will assist me in the future when I pursue a career in business."

-Danny (PACE Senior, 3rd Place winner, new off-campus business)


"When I went to my first business competition in college, I realized how much more prepared I was than my peers.  Project ECHO provide me with the skills that made me so much more advanced than the other students.  The competition taught me how to present a business idea; how to act towards the judges; how to prepare for a competition.  "    

-Mayan, UO class  --Business Major (South Pasadena High School)

 “Project ECHO was an amazing experience that allowed me to truly understand what does into creating a business.”

-Andrew, Long Beach Poly High School

“Project ECHO was an amazing program that offered me the opportunity to expand my intellectual interest in business and venture capital. The program maintained a high degree of professionalism and enjoyment throughout the whole experience.”

-Braxton, Long Beach Poly High School

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