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The Boulder Institute for Nature and the Human Spirit, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, was founded in 1994 by Elias Amidon and Elizabeth Rabia Roberts.The programs of the Boulder Institute promote just and sacred relationships among people and between people and the land. To this end, the Institute sponsors a variety of educational events, leadership and professional trainings, pilgrimages, spiritual retreats, and wilderness journeys. It seeks to create modes of activism in which a spiritual, moral witness can be brought to bear upon the political, social  and environmental problems of our time.


Waking Up Together, a project of the Boulder Institute, was created to share Rabia’s 50-year legacy of spiritual teaching and international citizen activism with women throughout the world. Her lifetime of engagement with justice, peace, and environmental issues has yielded a rich harvest of insights relevant to this time of transformation.

The mission of this project is to bring these insights, along with Rabia’s feminist understanding, to the spiritual and scientific renaissance beginning to sprout through the cracks of our crumbling institutions and polarized political landscape. Rabia’s vision is both optimistic and pragmatic, offering accessible teachings for creating graceful change at every level of our lives.


The Path of the Friend, another project of the Boulder Institute, is a name that describes our wide-ranging work in citizen diplomacy. For the past 25 years this work has been dedicated to environmental education, social justice and peace building in places of conflict around the world.


Today this work is focused primarily in Asia and the Middle East. We are not Muslims, but have a great respect for Islam, and believe it is important to offset the propaganda of the radical jihadist movement and demonstrate friendship and solidarity with the people in these regions.


We journey alone, as a couple, or with small groups, meeting and working with people on a range of citizen diplomacy projects. An on-going part of our work for the past 10 years is raising money and disbursing micro-grants from a special Flow Fund in the places we travel.


Our activities emerge out of our understanding of and respect for cultures and faith traditions in different regions of the world. We are committed to grounding social action in the recognition of the universality of spirit.


The Boulder Institute is entirely funded by large and small donations from people who want to support our form of independent citizen diplomacy in the world. We have received occasional grants from foundations such as the Threshold Foundation, the Kalliopea Foundation, the Rudolph Steiner Foundation, and the Soros Foundation. The Institute also serves as an incubator for new innovative projects related to the countries in which we work.

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