Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection

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Preserving the natural resources and rural character of Rappahannock County.

Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection (RLEP) promotes environmental public education, advocates for good community planning, and defends the quality of Rappahannock County environment.

In all its activities, RLEP is guided by a sense of values rooted in the preservation of Rappahannock County's priceless natural resources, farm land, scenic beauty, and rural character. We support policies and actions that protect and enhance these gifts, and oppose those that threaten to destroy or degrade them.

More About Us

Most of us live in Rappahannock County because it offers gorgeous scenery and a quiet, rural way of life. But we also love this County because it gives us the opportunity to be in close touch with nature. While poison ivy and hordes of ladybugs and stink bugs may be the price we pay, we willingly do so to see bald eagles fishing the local rivers, bears eating berries along the trails we hike, and trillium and dogwood blooming in our woodlands in the spring. We enjoy the fact that nature is, literally, abundantly at our door.

We encourage you to join now to help preserve the rural and natural landscapes of Rappahannock County, Virginia for a lifetime!

As a member of RLEP you can join us for our free events and seminars such as Dark Skies, Stroll for the Soul, Invasive Species, Lyme Disease, and our Annual Meeting/Party.

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Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection

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