Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection

A nonprofit organization

Dedicated to Preserving the Natural Resources and Rural Character of Rappahannock County, Virginia

The Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection promotes education for environmental citizenship, advocates for good community planning and defends the quality of Rappahannock County's environment.

In all of its activities, RLEP is guided by a sense of values rooted in the preservation of the county's priceless natural resources, farm land, scenic beauty and rural character. We support policies and actions that protect and enhance these gifts and oppose those that threaten to destroy or degrade them.

RLEP works to preserve open space and scenic beauty through scenic river and road designations, use-value taxation, protection of wildlife habitat and ecosystems and stewardship of public and private lands. Protection of the county’s scenic ridge tops and erosion-prone mountain slopes is critical to maintaining the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and water quality throughout out watershed and beyond. We strive to preserve our night skies for present and future generations. 

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Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection

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PO Box 94
Washington, VA 22747



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