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Rainbow Railroad helps LGBTQI people around the world escape violence and persecution and find a path to safety.

Around the world LGBTQI people continue to face oppression:  in over 70 countries there are laws that criminalize same sex intimacy and discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. In eight countries same sex intimacy is punishable by death. The criminalization of the LGBTQI community puts many people in danger. They are rejected by their families, evicted from their homes, persecuted by their community and targeted by police. The result is a reality where lesbians experience sexual violence, trans people cannot live as their authentic selves and gay men are targets of state sponsored campaigns to entrap and torture them.

The global refugee crisis is exasperating the plight of LGBTQI people worldwide. According to The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, there are now over 70 million displaced people in the world – the largest number since the Second World War. For many reasons, LGBTQI people face unique challenges trying to claim refugee status.

Rainbow Railroad exists to provide a solution to this problem. Our ultimate goal is a world free of persecution, and we stand in solidarity with activists and organizations working towards that goal. However, until that day comes, we need to be able to provide urgent solutions for individuals facing imminent danger.

Your gift through June 30 (Give OUT Day) is matched thanks to generous donors -- thank you for making it possible to move so many to safety. If you would rather donate at Rainbow Railroad's website, click here (donations still will be doubled).

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