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The ReBuild Warehouse (“ReBuild”) mission is to: (1) encourage reuse and recycling of quality, used building materials within the community by maintaining a warehouse that accepts materials donations and resells them at affordable prices; (2) train “hard-to-place” workers in green collar jobs; and (3) build public awareness on affordable ways to live “greener” through community education programs.  ReBuild was founded in 2008 by individuals working in the deconstruction field who did not want to see good building materials disposed of in a landfill.  In working to encourage homeowners to recycle materials from their construction and renovation projects, the founders saw the need for a reliable nonprofit organization where homeowners could make tax-deductible donations of reclaimed building components, while diverting tons of the material from landfills annually.

ReBuild’s founders saw a demand by property owners for discounted building materials that could help them refurbish their homes.  In 2009 ReBuild opened its 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Springfield, VA as a place to accept and sell donated recycled materials.  We soon added training of “hard-to-place” workers in “green collar” job skills  A third component uses the warehouse as a classroom for educating the public in affordable ways to live greener. 

ReBuild circulates its materials back into the economy by selling them at 40%-75% off normal retail prices and offering homeowners low-cost solutions to home repairs that save money, energy, materials,  and the pollution associated with the manufacturing of new products.  Recirculating these products has the added benefit of providing a 3:1 economic multiplier for the local economy in subsequently retained sales, profits, and tax revenues within the community.  ReBuild further contributes to the community by training or hiring “at-risk” workers (e.g., unemployed low-skill workers) for “green collar” jobs.  Since it began ReBuild’s “green collar” training program has trained over 25 workers and helped place 15 of them in emerging green collar jobs.   

ReBuild serves the DC metro area and is currently the only organization in Northern Virginia combining recycling/reselling quality reclaimed building supplies at affordable prices with job training and sustainable environmental education.  ReBuild’s goal is to build an environmental sustainability culture in Northern Virginia by expanding the notion of “recycling” beyond the traditional bottles, cans, and newspapers by encouraging homeowners and businesses to recycle and/or reuse reclaimed building material.  ReBuild seeks to achieve financial viability by obtaining at least 80% of its funding from earned income from product sales. 

ReBuild delivers its program primarily through its warehouse.  Hundreds of tons of used building materials (e.g., dimensional lumber, doors, windows, cabinets, appliances, electrical fixtures, toilets, bathtubs, furnaces, CAC compressors, staircases, ceramic tile, flooring, etc.) are donated to ReBuild each year and diverted from landfills.  ReBuild promotes affordable environmental sustainability through our: (1) community exhibits at various “green” fairs and community events throughout Northern Virginia; (2) in-store Community Corner information on small, locally-owned businesses; (3) the “ReBuild Partners” program that uses our website, email newsletter, and in-store flyers to promote small local businesses and community nonprofit organizations and (4) our Sustainability Workshop Program which hosts Saturday workshops on a range of building and gardening topics and are provided at no charge.  Workshop topics are chosen with the idea of teaching the average person how to save energy and the environment, while also saving money.  Topics include basic home weatherization, the role of pollinators in growing plants, raising organic produce in raised beds, and adding a solar hot water system to your home. 

ReBuild exhibits at green building fairs, expositions, Earth Day festivals, municipal and civic association meetings, and green job conferences throughout the DC metro region to build awareness for recycling and reuse of reclaimed building materials.  We encourage more homeowners to make environmental sustainability a priority as they renovate, remodel, or maintain their property. Recently, local jurisdictions (e.g., Arlington and Fairfax counties) have added links on their websites to ReBuild’s website.  ReBuild’s many volunteers further help carry its sustainability message to the public


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