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Almost every month we see new Reiki Centers opening, and a few that have been around for a year or two closing their doors. Few new Reiki Masters find success operating a Reiki Center, largely because it takes time to cultivate a clientele and to develop a large enough community of students.

At Reiki Centers of America, our goal is to provide additional training and support to new or struggling Reiki Masters, and to new Reiki practitioners,  who are trying to establish themselves and build Reiki businesses and communities. We are doing this through four initiatives:


    We have a simple vision: well-trained and fully-equipped Reiki professionals practicing more and practicing better. Whether one’s interest lies in building a full-time private practice for clients or creating an educational Center for students, we offer three programs for committed Reiki II practitioners and Masters. Those who complete this training are invited to participate in our Reiki Center Network. Coaching for new Masters from any lineage is also available.

    With decades of professional Reiki practice, we share our successes with veteran practitioners and those just starting up. We provide technical support and business development including a client referral network, forms and paperwork assistance, essential resource information such as state-by-state licensing requirements, accreditation bodies, and insurance companies covering Reiki practitioners and services. Member Reiki Centers also have access to our extensive reference materials.

    We believe in preserving the original teachings and spirit of Reiki, even as the practice continues to grow and develop. We host resources for practitioners seeking to deepen their connection to Reiki history, philosophy, precepts, teaching and practice. We’ve curated a collection of rare books, magazine articles, interviews, and audio & video files of prominent Reiki Masters trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho. Recently, we completed our first translation project from Japanese - a Reiki meditation practice by Kaiji Tomita, a student of Mikao Usui.

    As lifelong students of Reiki - who know that practicing and receiving Reiki is our greatest teacher - we create communities for ourselves, our students, the public, and those in need to share and experience Reiki wisdom and healing. Our Member Reiki Centers provide opportunities for ongoing exposure to the system of Usui Shiki Ryoho through Reiki Circles for students to practice with each other; Reiki Clinics for members of the public to receive Reiki treatments from students; volunteer corps to offer Reiki treatment to those in need; and even virtual communities for Reiki II students to reach out for Reiki support for themselves and loved ones.

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