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Restoration Academy is a private, Christ-centered school located in Fairfield, Alabama.  With over 270 students in grades k-12, we provide discipleship through academy excellence to our students.  For the sixth year in a row, 100% of RA seniors have been accepted into college.  90% of our seniors have been first generational college students.  We are a math and reading emphasis school believe those are gateway subjects.  We spend 2 hours each day on math and two hours on reading and see our students who enter the school behind, remediated 2 to 3 grade levels in one year. If you were to ask what our purpose is in one sentence, we would say this: to disciple students 7 to 9 hours each day in order to break generational cycles of poverty, incarceration, addiction and fatherlessness.

The high school building has always been intended to be a two-story campus.  The addition of these classrooms allow us to bring our 7th and 8th graders into the high school building and increase our rolls with additional students for a max capacity of 275 students at Restoration Academy.

The total projected cost for this buildout is $650,000.  As of today we've raised $256,000 meaning we must raise an additional $394,000 to bring the very best to our students - please give!  Here's why:

Over the past four years, we’ve experienced an increase of
75 students.  While we feel that God has brought these students to us for a specific reason at this time and in this place, we also are experiencing the growing pains of overcrowding by Restoration Academy standards.  The completion of the second floor will also allow us to develop a state of the art science lab, additional  volunteer space and additional classrooms.

Science Lab   
While we have dedicated space for a science classroom and a science  curriculum, it is time to take this to the next level.  We would like a full science lab so that our students aren’t behind the curve for collegiate science programs. As our reading and math program grows, we would like to begin focusing our attention on science.  As fully functional science lab is essential to a competitive science program.

Volunteer Space
With over 125 volunteers coming weekly to Restoration Academy, we struggle to find a place for them to work one-on-one with our students. It is our desire to see all 275 students matched one-on-one with a mentor/tutor.  This means that we need additional space so that tutors have a place for quiet tutoring, mentorship and discipleship of students.

Classroom Space
We curently have teachers who float between classrooms.  This means they do not have their own space for teaching.
Adding this additional classroom space would allow our teachers to enjoy their own space and create their own individual learning environments.

Multi-Use Space
In our build-out we want to include office space and a conference room designated specifically for our community partners. We are driven by bringing the very best the kingdom of God can offer to the object of Christ's affection - the widows and orphans... our students AND their families. A multi-use space will allow office space for collaborative projects we work with in the Fairfield Community.

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