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The need for timely and safe reconstructive surgical care and training in developing countries is enormous. Today, 5 billion people in the world do not have access to surgery when needed. Specifically, in low to-middle-income countries, 90% of people cannot access safe and timely surgical care (Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, 2015).

ReSurge is committed to expanding access to surgical care for people in developing countries. For decades, ReSurge's academic faculty and volunteers have trained medical professionals in developing countries. Our ongoing support of in-country physicians and trainees enables them to perform safe surgery year round.

ReSurge has performed over 110,000 safe surgeries for adults and children with burn injuries, road traffic injuries and congenital anomalies such as fused fingers and cleft palates. Through our efforts, we transform the lives of thousands of patients--we give them the ability to speak, play, read, write, and provide for their families. 

About ReSurge: 

For nearly fifty years, ReSurge has focused on providing people in developing countries with access to life-changing reconstructive surgical care that is safe and timely. We train the next generation of reconstructive surgeons in Africa, Latin America and Asia; work with them to create a sustainable business model; and together, we provide high quality reconstructive surgical care to people living in poverty and in remote areas. 


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