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"God heard my prayers, and He sent all the angels here for me." - Shirley Lemoine, Springfield Homeowner & Widow of a US Army WWII Veteran

Your donation to Revitalize CDC on Valley Gives Day helps Springfield & Holyoke homeowners – military veterans, the elderly, people with special needs, and families with children.

Sometimes families must choose between paying for food and medication or fixing a broken down furnace.


"I will not let children go cold in their home in winter"

Revitalize CDC needs your help to continue providing safety, security, and independence for families in need.


 For every $1 you donate, Alekman & DiTusa Attorneys at Law will match all the way up to $1,000!

Help us reach our $10,000 goal today! Join us in preserving homeownership and revitalizing neighborhoods.

Meet Juliet Burnett! She has lived in her home for 37 years where she and her husband raised a son and a daughter. She is a widow now, and she cares for her four grandchildren on the weekdays when their parents are at work.  She also babysits for a neighbor’s two children. The children adore her!

Juliet loves to garden and she grows fresh vegetables to include in the meals she prepares for her extended family, a healthy bonus for the kids who spend their days with her. Juliet is an independent and self-reliant woman. But she has some physical disabilities that challenge her every day as she cares for six energetic young kids!

Juliet’s house was built in 1915 and it is definitely showing its age. The foundation is cracked, allowing water to seep into the basement and mold to grow. The old roof is leaking, as old roofs eventually do. Both of these issues cause health and safety issues for Juliet and the young children she cares for every day. The outside back steps do not have handrails because they weren’t required back in 1915.

Everyone at Revitalize CDC thinks Juliet is just a terrific woman! She is so caring and loving, giving so much of her time and energy to make sure these kids have a healthy and happy home to spend their days. And we want to give back some of that care and love to Juliet. In addition to the repairs, we want to build a new raised garden for her that will make growing lettuce and tomatoes and beans a lot easier on her back – and more fun for the kids. And finally, we want to install a new Energy Star washing machine in her house. Six kids playing in the dirt every day? That’s a lot of laundry!

May 3, 2016, is “Valley Gives Day!” Revitalize CDC is one of almost 400 non-profit organizations in the Pioneer Valley to participate in this 24-hour online giving campaign. One hundred percent of the donations to “Valley Gives” stays in the Pioneer Valley!

Juliet Burnett spends almost every day of her week giving to the great kids in her life. Your tax-deductible gift will allow Juliet to continue to do what she does best – but in a healthier, safer and more secure home.

About Us:

Since 1992, Revitalize CDC's volunteers and donors have given over 600 families in Springfield and Holyoke a safe, healthy, energy-efficient homes.

We've also revitalized dozens of non-profit centers, like The North End Learning & Literacy Center for WGBY; the JC Williams Community Center; and a Transitional Home for our Military Veterans.

Revitalize CDC provides new roofs, energy-efficient windows & doors, mold remediation, and ramps. We make possible repairs to plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. We renovate kitchens and bathrooms, remove trees and stumps, clean up yards, and make landscaping and safety improvements. 

All this adds up to $29 million worth of investments to Springfield's homes and non-profit facilities!



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