Revive Life Academy

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Mission Statement Our goal is to become an asset to the community and increase knowledge and music skills of all that come and participate. We aspire to carry a reputation in the community for developing and delivering a safe place to learn and grow as individuals and as families. We can achieve this by the dedication and commitment that we have for our community as a whole. With proper funding and the right relationship with our leaders and governments over the City County and state of North Carolina we can provide this unique service to our community. To accomplish our goal, R.L.A. FREE Music Lessons needs donations, grants funding, sponsors and the support necessary to accomplish the task at hand. In pursuit of our goal, we resolve to treat stakeholders, customers, and the community with the utmost respect and honor and they will be greatly appreciated for their involvement of R.L.A., FREE Music Lessons. These groups see our company as providing an outstanding facility that will enhance the physical emotional and social development of our community. The contributions from generous individuals, businesses and church's like you will allow us to provide FREE Music Lessons for disadvantaged youth. Each donation goes directly towards a child's lessons! We have a long list of kids waiting for a sponsor.


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Revive Life Academy

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