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Imagine a science teacher who's laid back and whimsical, who entertains kids with crazy fractured-fairytale stories, and then lets them experiment *hands-on* with fire, electricity, chemistry, and explosions.

That's Rock-it Science! Think of us as "Mister Rogers meets MythBusters."

In the video above, our director, Mr. Mac, explains it all. You'll see why kids come out of our lessons so excited about science they can't wait to tell their friends about the cool stuff they get to do.

We offer our amazing hands-on science lessons in schools, homeschool classes, summer camps, field trips to our lab, and online training for teachers.

Please support us with a generous donation to help bring Rock-it Science to kids in underserved schools who otherwise would never get to experience the thrill of real hands-on science!

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(For more reasons to support Rock-it Science, take a look at what parents and teachers say about us):

"We often hear about how our country is not producing enough scientists. There is now a big push to generate more interest among our youth, but all too often, the science classes that they take in school are focused on book reading and test taking. This does not inspire our kids to love science. In fact it often makes them dread it.  That is why programs like Rock-it-Science are so important. John makes science come alive! He presents each lesson in the context of a story that engages a child's interest. Then he has the kids do HANDS ON experiments. This allows the students to feel like scientists -- to enjoy the excitement of guessing what might happen next and then seeing the results. Programs like Rock-it-Science are desperately needed because they will actually inspire a love of science. If we want more scientists in our country, then we need more programs like Rock-it-Science."

"I watch [Mr. Mac] both with the eye of a parent and the eye of a person with a BA in Education. He is calm, centered and delightful as he teaches them, keeping things safe without making the kids fear anything. My children are learning hands-on science from him and I can see the results in their play at home as they adjust a fulcrum to make a toy or talk about gravity and temperature, but for me, I am incredibly grateful for Mr. Mac's educational approach. My children are presented each week with an amazing adult mentor who models respect, joy, and learning."

"Rock-It-Science is a place where learning happens on many different levels and aspects. In the four years my son has been taking classes there, he has learned not only science, but also, social skills, overcoming fears, letting imagination take over and so much more. Mr. Mac. is creating a safe place where kids think like scientists, try, learn that sometimes experiments don't go as planned, learning and practicing every time their team working skills, take chances, and discover new concepts without being lectured. They learn what science is all about - life! "

"Mr. Mac's classes are the most engaging and interesting way to get excited about science that my two kids have experienced. They have taken classes with Rock-It Science for 5 years and they still love them. As they start to take high school level courses and junior college classes now, the return on the investment is clear, many concepts that are only conceptual to other students cause an "Aha" moment in my two teens as they remember doing all that fun stuff with Mr. Mac."

"Rock-it Science has been an amazing support for our students. In the three years that we have worked with them, our 5th Grade CST Science scores have increased from 3% to 31% Proficient or Advanced. The language based science lesson is effective for our English Learners and supports all of our students in learning scientific concepts."

"I was so impressed with the program that I decided that I wanted to bring it to the students at the school where I teach. I have taught two summer classes at our school in Michigan using John's program and have seen first hand how excited students get about learning. The stories pull them in and the experiments keep them coming back for more. The parents of my students rave about how much their children are learning about science and their enthusiasm to keep learning."

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