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ROSE Advocates, Inc.

20 years ago a resident of a small town in Nevada witnessed a woman being abused in a public area. After the abuser left she approached the woman handing her a piece of paper with her name, telephone number and a brief note stating simply, “I’ll help you”. With the help of this stranger the woman and her son were able to return to their hometown, (Weiser, Idaho) to the safety and support of family and friends. Vowing to help others she gathered her family and friends and formed a secret, underground network of volunteers and safe houses to help abused woman and children. Through the years ROSE Advocates has gone through many changes. Growing from a secret underground organization to donated office space in the basement of the Washington County Courthouse to a now, no longer hidden, but well known public organization helping victims of sexual and domestic violence throughout, but not limited to, the five counties of Adams, Payette, Gem, Washington and Valley in the rural state of Idaho.


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Rose Advocates Inc

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