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UPDATE: DISTRIBUTIONS TEMPORARILY ON HOLD. Unfortunately, our bus is no longer reliable. We have no choice but to put distributions on hold until we find something. Hopefully we will be up and running again soon!

In order for us to continue helping our neighbors in need, we need your support. We need you to affirm that people care, that there is hope for those in need. We need you to help us to repair the Hope Machine so that we can continue to make regular visits to the unnoticed, forgotten parts of our county. We need your help to continue sharing kindness and compassion. Thank you. 

Hello! We are Rural Relief Mobile Food Pantry located in Portage County, Ohio.  We are a grassroots nonprofit organization, a husband-and-wife team that both grew up in rural Portage County communities. Through our own experiences, we understand the obstacles that low-income families face in rural areas. Many in our community lack a basic need—FOOD. Our mission is to help knock down the barriers to access nutritious food in areas that are often forgotten or underserved—rural  communities.  

People living in rural areas often experience hunger at higher levels and face unique challenges due to lack of transportation and limited to no local access to food banks, food pantries or grocery stores. These barriers can seem insurmountable. Our experience has been that these communities feel forgotten. These are proud, hard-working folks who often have to make tough decisions between eating and paying the bills. Our mission is to provide them with enough groceries to lighten their load. 

Rural communities are often underserved and forgotten by traditional social service agencies which focus their resources mainly on urban areas. We have already made an impact on several of these communities by breaking down barriers through weekly visits with our mobile food pantry. Our goal is to break those barriers even more through expanding our services.  

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Rural Relief Mobile Food Pantry

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Children & Family Community Humanitarian Aid


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