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The clients, or “Ranchers,” live on the ranch with around-the-clock staff members who assist with all aspects of learning, work, and play. We currently serve 7 Ranchers and have 19 staff on duty.

The ranch has a work program filled with activities like grooming and feeding the horses, collecting eggs from the chickens, cleaning the horse stalls and keeping the barn in tip top condition. One Rancher takes piano lessons and enjoys this immensely. Another Rancher enjoys building projects.

During  summer months, favoritee activities include swimming, horseback riding, hiking and enjoying nature in the beautiful Verde Valley. Ranchers tend to the garden growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, onions, grapes, peaches, plums, and apricots. They are very proud of this project and enjoy the fruits of their labor for many months.

Most of the current focus in the autism community is on children and early intervention. What happens to the children when they grow up? The autism doesn’t disappear. Places like Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch are there to continue serving the needs of the adults with autism. We survive on your contributions.

There are four main ways in which gifts are used:

1 General Operating

2 Building Fund - we have drawing plans to build a new house so that other adults with autism will have a home to live. How about sponsoring a new building or exercise facility in your name?

3 Endowment

4 Special Programs

You may stipulate your preference for one of these or another of your choice. In the absence of stipulation, gifts are used where they are most needed at the time they are received. Your donations can be mailed to us at P.O. Box 759, Cornville, Arizona 86325.

If you are in the area, give us a call and request a tour.

Morningstar Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation, exists to promote, hold assets, and raise funds for Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch in Cornville, Arizona.

Cash for Trash — donations to help support recycling efforts from Adopt a Highway Collections.

Tax Credit for Arizona Residents —Arizona State residents can donate funds to Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch and receive a tax credit for up to $400.

Bequests—Consider remembering Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch in your will.  Bequests should be made to Morningstar Foundation.

Donations—Tax deductible donations are always welcome and lovingly solicited.  Cash, real estate, common stock and securities are all accepted with gratitude.

Memorials—Consider remembering friends or loved ones by donating to the Foundation in his/her memory.  Honoraria are also available for birthdays, anniversaries or whatever occasion you may wish to honor.

Red Envelope Christmas—Our annual fund-raiser a fun way to give to the Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch at Christmas time.








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