Sacred Heart Nativity School

A nonprofit organization

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Sacred Heart Nativity Schools serve low-income Latino middle school students in the Washington/Gardner neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown San José.

Our families at SHNS have an average income of $29,000, and many students are English Language Learners who enter our schools with underdeveloped study skills, and socio-emotional struggles such as anxiety or even trauma.

Our extended school day, extended school year, summer program and individualized approach coupled with continual improvement of our academic program enable our students to achieve academic and personal gains during their time at SHNS. 

Sacred Heart Nativity Schools have the following unique characteristics:

Small Class Size

Extended School Day and Year

Mandatory Saturday School

Summer School and Program

Graduate Support Program

Parental/Caregiver Involvement

As long as there is poverty and unequal educational access to higher education, Sacred Heart Nativity Schools will continue to work towards leveling the playing field for low-income students. Thank you for being our partner in that work!

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• Watch the documentary, Poor Kids, by Frontline PBS, which explores what poverty means to children and to the country’s future:
• Read the publication, Inequality in Teaching and Schooling, from Stanford University:

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