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Safe Haven Transitional, Inc. was established in September 1994 to meet the many needs of women going through physical, mental and emotional abuse due to minimal battered women’s transitional programs.  We are a non-profit organization that provides inter-mediate housing and crisis counseling for abused women and their children who live in the metropolitan Atlanta area. 

 Our mission is to accommodate a safe dwelling place for battered women with/or without children, who are making the transition from a violent environment and provide them with shelter, resources, and tools (counseling, education, positive parenting, etc.) to nurture, strengthen, and restore them back into society as self-sufficient productive citizens.   One of our goals is to acquire additional permanent facilities with extended services to meet the growing needs.  Over seven   thousand five hundred (7500), women and children have been helped by our program.   Currently, we are receiving single women and mothers and their children from emergency and homeless shelters and providing them with food, longer-term lodging, transportation, childcare, and other children services, individual counseling, employment assistance, legal advocacy, and referrals for permanent housing.  The women and youth in our program also receive life skills, support group advocacy, educational tutoring or job search assistance, and conflict/resolution training.  

 Our program is the next step in addressing intervention for women and children displaced because of domestic violence.  Women leaving a 30-day shelter in many cases are not equipped or able to make the transition into permanent housing because of insufficient income or previous evictions.  Assistance is needed in helping to attain many of the different resources that we provide.  Our program focuses on (1) Reducing the homelessness for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse.  (2) To empower and prepare the women for permanent housing, so they are equipped to manage their own safety.  (3) To break the intergenerational cycle of violence among children and youth.

 Safe Haven Transitional has an eighty seven percent (87%) success rate.  We have established community recognition as an official non-profit organization and a participating member of several coalitions such as, Dekalb County Domestic Violence Task force, Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Women of Color Network, Sisters Empowerment Network, and the Task Force for the Homeless.  Listed below are several of our accomplishments.

 98% Participants are able to recognize the signs of abuse and ready to implement safety precautions.

  • 89%  Women have successfully completed life skills
  • 86% Women have secured full time employment 
  • 83% Women have rented an apartment or house
  • 10% Women have enrolled in an Institute or College
  • 13% Women have received certifications 
  • 5%   Women have become home owners
  • 93%  Decrease in aggressive behavior 
  • 96 % Children are involved in activities
  • 80%  Increase in good grades (for school age children)
  • 89%  Healthier interpersonal relationships developed between siblings, other children and parent to child 

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