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CHI Health St. Elizabeth and CHI Health Nebraska Heart have a wide range of projects that need your support! Here's a look into just a few of them:


CHI Health St. Elizabeth:

Lighting the Cross-

Help us relight the cross on the east side of CHI Health St. Elizabeth!

It has been nearly a year and a half since the cross on the front of CHI Health St. Elizabeth has been illuminated. The harsh elements took a toll on the original lighting. We need a technology that would withstand the ice and snow of our Nebraska winters. This new technology has the added functionality of changing colors! The changes in color allow CHI Health St. Elizabeth to promote a wide range of health initiatives. Such as pink for breast cancer and blue for autism awareness, just to name a few

The cost for this new lighting technology is $30,000. We have already received pledges of over $10,000 for the project! Please help us make this project a reality.


Xi Robot-

Assist surgeons in achieving faster, less invasive surgical procedures!

CHI Health St. Elizabeth is raising funds to purchase a DaVinci Xi Robot to better assist our expert surgical team. This robot would give surgeons greater precision and control while in the operating room, allowing them to provide quicker and more efficent complex surgeries. For the patient, this means smaller, accurate incisions leading to less pain, less blood loss and a faster recovery.

The DaVinci Xi Robot would have an incredible impact on the lives of our patients. Let that impact start with you!



CHI Health Nebraska Heart Institute:

Prayer Garden-

Greatly enhance the healing environment and provide a peaceful place of beauty and rest for patients and their families during their stay at Nebraska Heart!

The Prayer Garden at Nebraska Heart will incorporate a pergola with a seating area that provides a comfortable place for people to pray, meditate and rest. The natural beauty of the garden will promote a strong affinty with nature and will create a feeling of comfort, soothe emotions and lessen stress. A pathway will also be incorporated as a symbol of leaving worldly care behind.

Our hope is to provide a place where visitors can seek a quiet moment of peace and staff can go to relax and seek refuge.


Interactive Educational Video System-

Empowering patients with information about their health!

Interactive Educational Video Systems would be placed in every patient's room, providing patients, family, and staff access to an extensive library of educational content and hospital services. Video experiences are tailored for all ages and educational backgrounds and can cover a vast array of illnesses and conditions. In less than one minute, a nurse can order a critical education video for a patient right at the bedside.

Education is an important part of a patient's treatment and recovery. This important information could be repeated as many times as the patient might need and would be customizable to the individual. The system also would provide an opportunity for the patient to connect from home.

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