Salem Animal Rescue League

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SARL rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes over 1,000. cats and dogs per year.  We do this through private donations only and pride ourselves on going the extra mile for harder to adopt animals. Take  Sadie a six year old beagle, who was diagnosed with a thyroid and seizure disorder.  After 8 months at SARL, 7 in a loving foster home, and many hours of medical attention, she was adopted to a most wonderful home. Her new family cannot imagine life without her. Looch,  a stray cat approximately 12 years of age was found nearly frozen to death, bones jutting at all angles, is now healthy and awaiting that perfect home. There are so many wonderful and heartwarming stories with very happy endings that we could highlight.  We need your help to continue the good work that is done here at Salem Animal Rescue League. 

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Salem Animal Rescue League

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