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"It was 21 years ago and I can still remember the feeling I had as I drove up to the abortion clinic and saw the volunteer holding a picture of a baby aborted with saline solution.  I drove around the block three times before I stopped to ask 'is the picture real?' Yes was the answer.  I was directed to Sav-A-Life where a nurse showed me a picture of my baby on ultrasound and gave me the guidance to make the righteous choice to keep my precious angel, Travis*.  Now, years later, I am so happy that God steered me to Sav-A-Life and away from the abortion clinic.  The challenges and hardships I faced as a single mother are replaced with joy when I think of my son - my Sav-A-Life baby - who is now a business and pre-law student at the University of Alabama.  Because I chose life, my son, Travis, will now have the chance to help others.  Every opportunity I get, I sent my extra tithe to Sav-A-Life so more babies can be saved.  Will you consider doing the same?" 

- Stephanie*

*names changed



Each year, 9,000 women in Alabama believe that abortion is the only solution to an unplanned pregnancy. 

Sav-A-Life, Vestavia is dedicated to putting an end to abortion by supporting one woman at a time, to spare her and her child from abortion. 

We work to accomplish this goal by offering free and confidential services, counseling, education, and support to empower women to carry their babies to term.



We offer free pregnancy testing, ultrasound, prenatal assessment, STD testing (for men and women), counseling, mentoring, childbirth education classes, parenting classes, and fatherhood programs. 


We provide a safe, friendly, and non-judgmental environment where clients can discuss their fears and concerns and receive vital information regarding their health, pregnancy, and options. 

Trained staff and volunteers offer confidential Christian counseling for men and women. 


Trained staff and volunteers educate both men and women about the alternatives to abortion, risks and long-term effects of abortion, fetal development, emergency contraceptives, and sexually transmitted diseases/infections.  With this knowledge, clients are empowered to make informed decisions and bring needed restoration to their lives.


Our services aren't just a one-time meeting.  Our mentoring department is designed to build relationships with our clients and their families by offering one-on-one mentoring that provides confidential Christian counseling, support, and prayer.  Bible studies, support groups, and peer counseling are also part of the relationship building process. 

In addition, Sav-A-Life offers material assistance through the Stork's Nest Clothes Closet.  Clients are able to earn Mommy Money or Daddy Dollars by attending various classes and can use these to purchase much-needed baby items such as diapers, baby and maternity clothing, and more.

We believe that abortion is often the result of a lack of resources, education, and support.  Sav-A-Life offers practical, compassionate ways to remove the barriers that cause women to choose abortion and provide the opportunity for every client who walks through our doors to make positive choices for themselves and for their unborn children.


When a woman is shocked by an unplanned pregnancy, the demand for an abortion can come from all sides.  She needs your help.

Every $20 you give will share God's love and help one more woman choose life for her baby.



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