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The BIG picture...SAYL is committed to eliminating the cycle of childhood illiteracy in San Antonio, Texas by promoting the literacy skills of our at--risk youth.

The BIG goal:  Get all children reading at grade level when they enter 3rd Grade.

The Focus:  At Risk 2nd Graders 

The WHY:  Up until the end of 2nd Grade, children are learning to read.  From 3rd Grade on, children read to learn.  Children that enter the 3rd grade, reading at grade level, are 8 TIMES more likely to graduate from High School - that's good for kids, our community and economy.

HOW SAYL Succeeds:  SAYL provides opportunities for guided reading practice with a caring adult and fosters reading enjoyment through the "Reading Buddy" Program.  For the last 9 years, the program has successfully matched community volunteers with children who struggle with basic reading and comprehension skills.  On average, children increase their reading level by one grade level.

All it takes:  30 minutes a week.  In that time, children go from reading words, to reading sentences, to understanding the story.  In the process, their self-esteem and self-confidence build which positively effects their attitude and performance both in and outside the classroom.

Our Success: This past year SAYL matched 700 2nd grade students with 500 Reading Buddies.  On average the students in the program improved a full grade level and two months in their reading ability. This is significant considering that students in our focus group who had the same reading challenges (and no Reading Buddy) only improved 6 months in their reading ability. 

Your donations help make it possible to reach more children and set them up to win in school and life!


- The State of Texas forecasts the number of future prison cells to be built - based on the number of children NOT at reading grade level at the start of 3rd grade. 

- San Antonio ranks 7th in population, 62nd in literacy.

- San Antonio illiteracy level is 25% (12.5% illiteracy + 12.5% functionally illiterate)

- San Antonio has the highest number of high school drop outs not just in Texas, but the nation.

We appreciate your interest & contribution.

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