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The Resource Conservation District (RCD) provides free, non-regulatory assistance to landowners and land stewards wishing to voluntarily manage their natural resources.

In 2018, we:

  • Helped nearly 200 people directly manage their land
  • Completed projects that will conserve 51 million gallons of water per year and add over 20 million gallons of water storage
  • Developed carbon farm plans to remove over 1000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually
  • combatted invasive weeds on over 400 acres of land to protect redwood forests, grasslands, and creeks 
  • Repaired over 9 miles of rural roads, which stopped over 428 dump truck loads (6,000 cubic yards) of sediment from eroding into Pescadero Creek 
  • Improved habitat at 18 sites for endangered Coho salmon & threatened steelhead trout

... And much, much more. 

More than 90% of the RCD's funding is from grants. To keep winning those grants, we need to bridge the gap. Will you donate today to help ensure clean water, viable farms, thriving wildlife and resilient communities in 2019?  

With your support we can continue to maintain the beauty of the coastside through the development of land stewardship ethics that result in long term sustainability of our rich and diverse natural resource heritage.

To learn more about the work that the San Mateo RCD does, our history, and how we operate, visit our website at .

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