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Sandy Spring Museum preserves and interprets local history -- but we are not just about the past.  On almost every contemporary issue, Sandy Spring history has something powerful to teach:

  • Schools? 

People built schools here in the 1700s, making this one of the best educated corners of the county.  Benjamin Hallowell, founder of the University of Maryland, grew up here. 

  • Green Space? 

Beginning in 1801, Sandy Spring led the way in restoring the fertility of local soil, making Montgomery county the breadbasket of the region.  Farming here continues to be scientific and innovative to this day.

  • Economy?  Jobs? 

Sandy Spring investors built mills, roads, canals and railroads from the 18th century on, fostering enterprise and creating wealth.  Sandy Spring Bank and Montgomery Mutual Insurance Company sustained commerce and farming.   Sandy Springers founded Montgomery General Hospital, one of the area's largest modern employers.

  • Human Rights? 

Quakers and free African-Americans in Sandy Spring led the local struggle against slavery starting in 1780.  Their descendants fought for women's suffrage, civil rights, and today to environmental and social justice projects locally and around the world.

Inspired by this legacy and its power to shape the future, the Sandy Spring Museum continues year by year to nurture the community through programs, exhibits, events, research, and outreach. 

Why give to a history museum these days????

  • One couple gives because the Museum "honors the kind of society we believe in." 
  • A young girl who worked as a summer camp counselor loved fun activities like making ice cream and helping the blacksmith.  She is "sooo gonna be a counselor again next year!" 
  • A public high school student loves seeing American history worked out on a local scale. 
  • A senior citizen loves that the Museum shares local history with each new generation.

Your gifts make so much possible – more kids enjoying our education programs, new treasures added to the collection, and exhibits and events for the community. Become part of the legacy this year. 

As we keep working to create a strong, friendly, and sustainable Montgomery County, your support means more now than ever before.

Thank you for your generosity.  We look forward to your visiting the Museum, too!


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