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San Juan Bautista Community Track

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Why a Track?

*To Promote Health and Fitness

*Provide a Safe Environment to Exercise

*Encourage Fitness and Social Interaction

New York Road Runners program at San Juan School

“There are no distant places any longer: the world is small and the world is one.”

 - Wendell Wilkie

New York City might be 2,974.3 miles away from San Juan Bautista, but that has not stopped it from being a positive influence on the students of San Juan School. “How can a huge city on the opposite side of the USA possibly influence the students at San Juan School?” you might ask. The answer is easy…through running!

It all started in 2016. That’s the year that the New York Road Runners, a non-profit community running organization that hosts the world-famous New York City Marathon, accepted San Juan School into their Mighty Milers youth running program. The then Mighty Milers Youth Running Program (now known as the Rising New York Road Runners) was a perfect fit for the students at San Juan School. Students walked or ran laps, recorded their progress into the Mighty Milers online tracking system, and earned rewards to motivate them and keep them going. The students loved it. They loved earning water bottles, sweatbands, and the highly coveted marathon medal and t-shirt!

San Juan School had discovered a love for running! Everyone was running (or walking); students, teachers, and parents! We loved running so much that in 2019, we decided that San Juan School needed a proper running track. (We currently run laps around the blacktop.) And so it began, our quest to build a running track at San Juan School.

It is definitely a small world, as it seems that New York City and San Juan Bautista are not so far apart after all.

Aidan Castaneda "Runs for Funds" 

San Juan School Student and Runner Aidan Castaneda has raised $10,885 for the running track fund.  He was asked why does he fundraise for the track? He said "for a safe place for people to run".  Aidan and his family run on the back roads around San Juan, constantly keeping an eye out for cars and large trucks.  He is well aware of the need for safety when running and exercising.   Congratulations Aidan for all your hard work to make this happen.  Your passion and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated!

Alumnus Terri Burke Believes in "Making a Difference"

Like Aidan, San Juan School Class of 1974 alumnus Terri Burke has been a generous donor.  She said there are several reasons she has donated.  Terri believes if she can make a difference in one person’s life whether it be for the students who will have the asset of a running track, or for the student who reaches the US Olympics Team because of the San Juan Bautista Community track, or for the community member who can enjoy a safe exercising environment, or for simply helping create a stronger community her donation is well worth it.  Thank you Terri for your generous donations.

Having this track will offer the whole community a place to run and exercise.  

Serving San Juan Students during school hours and the community after school and weekends!

Our goal, a new 200-meter running track with 100-meter straightaway and soccer field at San Juan School in 2022

  Thank You to all Our Generous Donors and Mission Village Voice for this ad:

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Michelle Picha, Bill & Michelle Vance,  Sue Rocha, Anonymous donors, Georgana Gularte, Bonnie Campbell, Julie Hicks-Castaneda, Joseph Weldon, Catherine Mitchell, Dilia Blanco, AB McAlister, John Duarte, Joey Dorrell-Canepa, Wanda & Gerry Guibert, Jill Pagaran, Rita Caetano, Marissa Castaneda, Christol Castaneda, Maria Castaneda, Jessie Mansmith, Fabian Cruz, Estela Keels, Sylvia Espinosa, Michelle Perez, Jennifer Colby, Stan Searcy, Jim Ostdick, Jayne Ferreira, Bruce Pirl, Leana Fisher, Anne Caetano, Rosemarie Caetano, Michele Levada, Veronica Zapata, Bo Canepa, Kathryn Canepa, Rick May, Consuelo Espinosa, Max Martinez,

Final goal Approx. $215,000 (Landscape Architect is currently working on plans for bid)

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