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In Sri Lanka, Krishna, 19, is from a small community in eastern Sri Lanka. In 2005, a rebel group asked his family if one of the children from the family could join the group. They refused.

But, he was taken anyway. When he was released from forceful recruitment, he was even afraid to go out. With Sarvodaya's vocational training, now he has a job that brings him income and purpose in life. 

In Nepal, when Bibek's father passed away, his mother, who used to be a housewife, struggles to make a living for the family. Bibek and his brother's education was in Jeopardy. But, through Sarvodaya supported scholarship at Jyotidaya School, a community run co-op, they are now are going to school for free.


Whether it is helping a community to find a strength to build a road and water system or supporting individuals in difficult situations such as poverty, disaster and war, Sarvodaya USA is supports programs that promotes sustainable social change. 

Our programs are led, designed and implemented by the community members. Thus, Sarvodaya promotes empowerment rather than dependency.

In Sri Lanka, millions of people benefit from various services are affiliated with nationwide network. 

In Nepal, Sarvoaya Nepal brings young and old together to build better communities.

In India, Ekta Parishad, a Gandhian social movement, is champinig the cause of millions of landless tribal and indigenous people for their right to access land, water and forest resources. 

In Haiti, Caribbean Center for Nonviolence and Sustainable Development, trains young people in non-violent social action and supports locally led development efforts.

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