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Morris Brown College, founded in 1881 by the African Methodist Episcopal Church, is a private, coeducational, liberal arts college engaged in teaching and public service with special focus in leadership, management, entrepreneurship and technology.

Morris Brown College has endured many hardships the past 10 years, and the institution that freed slaves built to educate thousands, is in danger of no longer existing to educate our best and brightest. With this in mind, Alumni and Friends have come together to “Cement the Legacy” of Morris Brown College through this fundraising campaign.


As alumni and friends of Morris Brown College, this campaign is OUR project that allows US to support our alma mater and great community jewel. There is an expectation from the general public that WE demonstrate a commitment to saving OUR own institution. Otherwise, why should anyone else care to give if we don’t?

“Cementing the Legacy” is more than a fundraiser, it is about building on a strong tradition that we all benefitted from. That is why it is so necessary that we all do our part to ensure that future generations receive the same opportunities to learn, grow, achieve, and evolve into productive members of society.


There are two critical elements essential to the attainment of stated goals:

  1. Each MBC alum and friend needs to make their one-time contribution of $30 or more to the campaign.
  2. Each MBC alum and friend must reach out to their immediate network to garner support for this initiative. People in this group will give based upon their relationship with the alum.


In sports, a victory is only achieved when every player does his/her part to execute the game plan drawn up. In a similar way, the alumni of MBC, if we each play our part, can do much toward achieving the victory that is saving Dear Ol Morris Brown.

With your help, the success of the campaign will enable the college to do the following:

  1. Provide $15M for debt eradication.
  2. Provide $8M for operation of the college on a multi-year basis.
  3. Create a $20M Endowment for the continued support of the college.
  4. Establish a $1.49M scholarship fund for current and future students
  5. Provide $10M for the for the refurbishing of buildings and grounds

By far, this will be the most aggressive campaign in the college’s history, and by coming together with a unified purpose, we’ll do just that -make history and Cement the Legacy of Morris Brown College.

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