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In honor of all local Veterans' and those that have perished in war, the Stanley-Boyd School District Veterans Day Committee, will be raising funds to pay for a memorial statue that will be erected on Veterans Day 2020. 100% of the funds raised will go toward this worthy cause.

Many men and women of service have not only died in wars but have also come home after serving their country. The gift that these men and women have given to their country needs to be remembered. One way to remember their efforts is through the construction of a memorial. 
These memorials celebrate national spirit and heritage. 

This beautiful piece of art and sculpture will enrich the landscape of Soo Line Veterans Memorial Park in Stanley, Wisconsin, and leave a lasting tribute to those that fought for our liberties. 

If you have any questions please contact Bob Seidl at 715-644-5534 x148

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Stanley-Boyd Schools ~ Veterans Day Committee




507 E 1st Ave
Stanley, WI 54768-1279

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