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Alabama is blessed with some of the most beautiful places in the world. Whether you live here or are just visiting, you’ll see miles of mountains and forests, rivers and beautiful beaches. Our cities and towns boast cutting-edge architecture and historic charm.

But take a trip along most of our highways and what do you see? Mile after mile of billboards - shouting at you from the roadside, cluttering up the view and destroying the unique beauty of our state.

The same thing is happening in many of our cities and towns. Business districts get covered up with signs until they are so unappealing that people stop coming. Shopping center developers strong-arm cities into cutting down trees and super-sizing signs, often destroying the beauty that attracted visitors and residents in the first place.

Scenic Alabama’s statewide network is protecting our public places - our roads, our parks, our downtowns - from billboard blight, out-of-control signs and the obliteration of scenic green spaces. We’re working to promote scenic tourism and help create attractive and prosperous business communities.

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