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Not too long ago, Ben's parents noticed that he was not progressing as normal infants do. He'd point and grunt when he wanted something, while other children his age were beginning to express themselves with words and sentences. Concerned, Wade and Deb took Ben to the RiteCare Speech and Language Clinic where they diagnosied a speech disorder. That was a year ago. Today, Ben is able to speak like any other child his age, full of energy, excelling in school.

Left untreated, children may act out, perform poorly in school, and fail to achieve their potential. For each $1 spent on speech and language services today, most of which can be diagnosied and corrected, Americans save a minimum of $7 later in remedial education and other social services. Scottish Rite Masons have funded RiteCare Speech and Language Services for over 40 years in Nebraska and offer professional services to any child in the state, regardless of a family's ability to pay.

For nearly fifty years, the Lincoln Scottish Rite Preservation Foundation has supported the community by funding Lincoln's most prestigious honor for teachers, the Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award. We fund the RiteCare Speech and Language Clinic, providing assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and education to children affected by speech and language disorders at no cost to families. The Foundation all supports the preservation and renovation of the historic Scottish Rite Masonic Center, a center for community life in downtown Lincoln.

Your support helps us continue to recognize Lincoln's best teachers, provide professional clinical services for children affected by speech and language disorders, and preserve the Lincoln Scottish Rite, celebrating 100 years in 2016.

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