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Founded in 1924, Seabury is one of the only non profits in the Washington area that serves older adults at all income levels by providing both services and housing options.  We serve 3500 individuals in the community and offer 355 units of affordable housing. Our services support caregivers and older adults in the community enabling them to age with independence and dignity.

Here are two stories from a client and a volunteer:

“Seabury helped me when I couldn’t help myself.” Mrs.J(aged 85+ has received services through Seabury's Age-In-Place program for 9 years):  I am in the Northeast area of Washington DC and have lived in my home for at least 45 years.  I heard a presentation about Age-in-Place.  I tried them out and liked what happened. 

The first time, about 4 or 5 volunteers who had taken the day off from their jobs, came and did housecleaning and yard work.  They did everything except the laundry and the cooking!  They were friendly and interacted with me and with each other and with my grandchildren.  When they left the house was squeaky clean – they did the windows and blinds.  Age-in-Place volunteers remove the trash, trimmed trees and shrubbery just like they would do in their own yards. 

It made a lot of difference.  There are certain things that I just can’t do anymore.  I’ve got steps to climb and a house to clean.  They make the front yard look gorgeous.  They cut the grass. It would grow forever if the volunteers didn’t come to cut it. 

I feel very grateful and very blessed to have these folks come out and help me at a time when I couldn’t help myself.  

I retired after having worked just a few years in the school system.  It left me with a very meager retirement income.  I certainly could not afford to have someone to come in and keep the house clean.

Age-in-Place has been a lifeline for me. I am just eternally grateful  for when they come and bring that crew of wonderful people.  I imagine I’ve had students from all parts of the United States.  They come willingly with their music boxes, and chat with me and each other and go about their business as if it were a task they love to perform.  It is a wonderful way to have children realize that they can be helpful across the board not only to persons their own age but people who are elderly.  They bridge the gap as it were, the generational gap, and make you feel wonderful. After they leave, you just think about what wonderful people they are going to be when they get out into the world after having had this experience.   Most times they are giving up their vacation or spring break so it has to be memorable to them.  It must instill in them some sort of lasting desire to always be helpful and always know the rewards of helping others.

One time I was limping around and this lady asked if I felt OK.  I told her about my arthritis and she said she was a nurse and said there were some new therapies available.  Here’s a nurse, down on her knees scrubbing my kitchen floor - that is awesome that people will help you like that.  God has just elected wonderful people to be in our lives.  It has eased a lot of the problems that I’ve had in my household.

“Seabury is there for me.” Ms. P (age 75, volunteer and participant at a Seabury nutrition site):  “I started volunteering here when I was aged 62.  I help set up for the day, serve food to those who don’t walk well, and help with clean up.  It is important to have the centers for seniors to get out.  A lot of them don’t get meals until they come to the center and for some of them the center meal is the only one they get.  They are glad to get out, have a place to come to and feel welcome. 

I volunteer because I enjoy helping the seniors and I always bear in mind that one day I’m going to be in that position too.  As long as I can help, I will. I’m 75 years old I have my ups and downs but I’m still trying. The seniors tell me how thankful they are for me helping them.  I’m proud to have been and still be of service. “

Our services include retirement housing for moderate income and formerly homeless older adults; volunteer services through Age-In-Place that do house cleaning and yard work so that seniors stay more safely in their home and community; support for congregations to develop programs and services by and with older adults; care management to help caregivers and older adults navigate the options and services for their care; the DC city wide Senior Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, a food bank, nutrition sites, and case management services.


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