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This past Spring, someone brought us a box of six skunk babies. When the box arrived, I opened it quickly because the rescuer said she hadn't heard them make any noises in the car. I was shocked when I looked in the box. They were all dead...or so I thought! Not one skunk was moving. Not one skunk was vocalizing. They were like ICE. They felt colder than any other animal that I had felt before. They were even stiff. I touched each one to see if by chance there could just be one clinging to life. Oh my gosh!!! They all were ever-so-slightly breathing. I went into full emergency mode. They had to be warmed up slowly despite wanting to rush things to keep them from death. Could time go any slower? Funny how time plays tricks on you. Warm fluids had to be given that night and the following days. It took four days for these guys to even start moving again. Four days! I catered to these guys every day with little deviation from routine schedule. My life revolved around them. I was determined. It did pay off because not just one or two made it back to the wild but they ALL did. These stories are very humbling to me. I know that I brought these babies back to life. Even after 11 years, these situations still surprise me. I am just little ole me trying to save lives and do a little good in this world and these cases are a reminder of how important my work is. These animals depend on me and I do not want to let them down. Cases like these really bring out my emotion. It's hard to fathom what ER doctors and surgeons go though: the stress, responsibility, pressure, extreme lows and highs. It's a roller coaster for me some days...what is it for these doctors? Why do I choose to be on this roller coaster each day? Because of these six skunks...and others just like them. 

There is a lot of support for dog and cat rescue groups, but very little for wildlife. Wildlife needs us, too. Wildlife are the animals that are often overlooked and even disliked due to lack of correct information. 90% of all animals that come to us in need of care, are a result of human encorachment in some way or another. We need to be responsible for our heavy tredding on the environment. 

We are happy to help and are very passionate about nurturing wildlife back to health, but it takes more resources than people think. The animals spend months with us before being able to be on thier own. Each animal costs between $75 and $1000 to rehabilitate. We save around 300 animals each year! That adds up!

Second Chances is volunteer operated.

Our mission is to foster compassion, conservation, and environmental stewardship through education and wildlife rehabilitation.

Please consider helping us continue our mission. THANK YOU!




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