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SERIOUS PLAY! THEATRE ENSEMBLE works to reshape society’s conversation on prominent social issues through the art of ensemble theatre. We strive to inspire curiosity, to challenge, tantalize and engage audiences, and to attract audiences back to the power of the live moment. 

Our interest in forging international connections began to take shape after our participation in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2005, which reawakened our awareness of the intrinsic value of culture and the social impact of theatre on civic pride. Serious Play has created evocative theatre productions for 25 years, investigating the collision of theatre and movement toward in-depth explorations of the art form of ensemble theatre. As we move forward, we want to continue doing so while taking our own work beyond the borders of our hometown and bringing non-local artists and productions to Western Massachusetts. 

With your support, we can continue forging the international connections that we have already begun building, in order to magnify and diversify the creative exchange in the Pioneer Valley. We will use funds raised in this campaign to bring Serious Play and associated artists to international festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Tiger Dublin Fringe, Aurora Nova Productions and Wolfgang Hoffman in Germany, as well as to bring international artists and their work to the Pioneer Valley


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