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Despite the mild winter and scant snowfall, the ServiceNet shelters were full to capacity this winter! We gave shelter and support to hundreds of homeless individuals and families in Franklin and Hampshire county. They sought protection, not from harsh winds and deep snow, but from lives shattered by addiction, domestic violence, and job loss.

When guests come seeking shelter, we see faces of despair, faces that could be our family members, friends or children. Most of the folks we serve in our shelter are between the ages of 25 and 55, with each decade in that range equally represented. This is a constant reminder to us that homelessness can happen to anyone at any age.

--Homelessness happens to families. Of the families who come to us in need, most are headed by single mothers with children under five in tow.

--Homelessness happens to people with disabilities, mental illness and chronic health issues. ServiceNet sheltered over 200 people with these challenges.

--Homeless happens to people with issues of drug and alcohol abuse. At ServiceNet, those struggling with addiction represented half of those we served this winter.

Our caring staff greet each person, no matter their burden, with care, concern and a commitment to helping them overcome their challenges and get their lives back on track.

This commitment and the generosity of you, caring and generous community members, has made a real and measurable impact on the homeless among us. ServiceNet was not only able to shelter and feed our guests, we have placed many in more permanent housing, helped with first month’s rent and household supplies. With your support, we helped with job searches, training resources and clothes for that first day of work!

Thank you for your partnership in supporting these men, women and children to fight back against their circumstances and find stability and hope. We cannot do this without you.  Please donate generously so that ServiceNet can keep providing these vital services to the homeless in our communities.


Katie Miernecki, Director, Grove Street Inn

Francis Lemay, Jr., Director, Greenfield Family Inn

Stephen Karpovich, Director, Wells Street Shelter

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