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S.H.A.R.E House is a non-profit organization which serves survivors of family or intimate partner violence and their children.  We give hope to those who live in fear.  We invite you to read Emily's Journey for a better insight into the effects of family violence.


     Once upon a time doesn't always have a happy ending.  "Emily" married her high school sweetheart.  He promised her a house, children and a happy ending.  She meant every word of her wedding vows... to love, honor and cherish Bob "until death do us part."  Emily believed those words had the same meaning to Bob because he was so protective of her.  He was always around or on the phone with her - he loved her.

     After Emily became pregnant with their first child, Bob's jealousy increased along with verbal abuse and physical abuse.  When angry, he would punch a wall or break something.  The first time he hit her, Emily felt her life shatter.  Bob promised it would never happen again, but it did repeatedly.  The day came when he put her in the hospital.  Emily had three broken ribs, a concussion, internal bleeding and countless bruises.  Emily was so terrified she told the doctor she had fallen down a flight of stairs.  The violence continued until out of fear,  her child so traumatized and afraid to go home confided in his teacher.  The Department of Family and Children Services got involved and told Emily about  S.H.A.R.E. House.  She and her children came with only the clothes on their backs. No money and no way to make a living.  Emily wasn't the only victim.  Her children had suffered as well.  One child became withdrawn, while the other started acting violently.  Emily and her children needed someone to be their voice.  S.H.A.R.E. House helped Emily begin her journey to healing.  She received G.E.D classes, job training and most of all a safe place to start over.  There was someone who understood her family's suffering and helped her see there was hope in the future.  She saw she mattered and deserved more through empowerment groups, support groups and domestic violence education.  She and her children received counseling to help them overcome the traumatic events they experienced.  Today,  Emily is a paralegal and works for a group of attorneys.  She and her children are able to start each day without fear, without wondering if it will be their last.  Emily and her children had a chance for a new beginning because people had faith in her and faith in the S.H.A.R.E. House mission.  So many lives are touched by violence,  every adult and child deserves to live a life without fear.  Please think of the many victims and help us give them a safe tomorrow.  Together we can make a difference in their future.   

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