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"New shoes provide so much more than 'comfort'-they provide an investment in the educational, physical, social and emotional well-being of children affected by poverty. The realization that someone cares enough to provide something so basic can be truly life changing for a child." says Amy Fass, Executive Director for Shoes That Fit. 

Hundreds of thousands of children have been helped by Shoes That Fit programs across the country but one story that comes to mind is the story of the Pink Jelly Shoes. One morning, the custodian at a local southern California elementary school discovered a young boy hiding in the bushes on school grounds. The young boy refused to come out, so the principal was alerted. After much coaxing, he finally emerged from the bushes in tears. When asked why he was hiding, this 3rd grade boy pointed to his feet: he was wearing his sisters pink, plastic jelly shoes. He went on to explain that his family could not afford to buy him new shoes and he was embarrassed and afraid the other kids would make fun of him so he hid in the bushes.  Thankfully, the principal knew of the Shoes That Fit program and contacted us immediately. That 3rd grade boy was given a new pair of shoes and socks to proudly wear to class by that afternoon. 

Although our program has expanded to include corporate partners and volunteers, Shoes That Fit relies on the generosity of donors like you. Please consider starting a fundraiser or new shoe drive to help U.S. students in need. 

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