Shuley Nakamura Charitable Foundation

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The Shuley Nakamura Charitable Foundation, "The Foundation" is created for the purpose of bringing people together to raise funds for donations to charities and charitable organizations. The Foundation prides itself on designing, funding, andorganizing events and activities to raise money via donations from friends, family, acquaintances, and the local community.

The Foundation strives to create an environment where people donate who might not usually offer money charitably. The Foundation hopes to continually propose new events to raise funds while maintaining a high standard of enjoyment and success for its yearly events, participants, and the charities involved.

The Foundation takes pride in donating to a varietyof charities throughout the year while constantly looking for new and exciting groups to add to its list of donation recipients.

About the Shuley Cup

The original intent of the Shuley Cup hockey tournament  was to provide a competitive but safe environment for my Wed night hockey group. Finally in November 2009, this became a reality and the first Shuley Cup Hockey Tournament was held. The feedback after the tournament was overwhelmingly positive. One of the biggest takeaways came from Micah Adler who asked if there was a way if we could give back to the community. Therefore in 2010, we decided to actively fundraise for charities. Since 2010, we have raised and donated $39,121 to charities. Every year, each team selects a charity, and the money raised is distributed after the tournament is over.

Following the success of the 2010 Shuley Cup, we decided to pursue obtaining non-profit status so that donations would be tax-deductible. With the help of Scott Parkin (Legal Advisor), Melissa Parkin (Operations), Micah Adler (Concept), and myself, we have created and sit on the board of the Shuley Nakamura Charitable Foundation (SNCF). The tax ID number is 45-2771318.


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