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Our Mission:  At the Southern Nevada Center for Independent Living, we define people by their humanity first — by their abilities, not by their disabilities. We believe it is not only a deep frustration but also an injustice to allow one individual autonomy and deprive another of it simply because of the different ways each functions in society. Furthermore, we abide by the philosophy that our consumers are in control of their independent living choices. Our mission is to “remove barriers preventing independent living” by providing services designed to empower people with disabilities to:

  • Make individual choices,
  • Assume responsibility to direct their lives,
  • Manage their own affairs,
  • Fulfill social roles,
  • Achieve independent lifestyles in the community.


Our History and Goals:  Since 1984, SNCIL has been providing services that make it possible for people with significant disabilities to live independently and therefore completely embrace their identities as human beings and valued members of the community. Our staff and board members, the majority of whom also have substantial disabilities, have become powerful role models and sources of inspiration as they tirelessly work to provide the best care to our consumers.

We are grateful for the impact SNCIL has already made in the community of resilient and determined people we serve. In 2012, we assisted 437 unduplicated consumers in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, including North Las Vegas and Henderson, and in rural southern Nevada. Additionally, we officiated 4,435 phone calls for information and referrals. With the assistance of our contributors, we have seen individuals strive for and achieve impressive goals such as transitioning from a nursing home to the community, finding employment, completing education, and becoming more self-sufficient. We know this to be true not just from the personal testimonies we hear, but also because we conscientiously measure our efforts in order to make improvements as necessary to provide the best services possible. It is, therefore, with confidence we report that our clients were extremely successful in achieving their goals in the following areas:

  • 87%   Self Advocacy/Self–Empowerment
  • 60%   Mobility/Transportation
  • 99%   Educational
  • 90%   Vocational
  • 85%   SelfCare
  • 73%   Personal Resource Management
  • 100%  Relocation from a Nursing Home or Institution to Community Based Living


As a service to the disability community, SNCIL, this year will host our 22nd annual Disability Awareness Day (DAD) and make available our self-published Disability Resource Guide.

DAD is an event designed to increase community awareness about the services available for individuals with disabilities. On this dynamic day we offer educational workshops, entertainment, inspirational stories from respected speakers, and of course a free lunch! Vendors provide information about work incentives for SSI/SSDI beneficiaries, starting home-based businesses, maintaining Medicaid Health Benefits when employed, employment resources, affordable housing, transportation, adaptive equipment, legal rights, personal care attendant services, and more. In 2012, 328 consumers and 54 vendors attended DAD, and we are already anticipating a growth in these numbers for the next one to be held in October of this year.

As another service to the community, SNCIL has published and distributed The Disability Resource Guide since 1999, putting in the hands of thousands what has become known as “the Bible” for disability resources. Included within its 279 pages are community resources for persons with all disabilities as well as separate sections on health, transportation, housing, insurance, education, training, employment, recreation, assisted living, emergency and financial assistance, and more. The guide is updated bi-annually so that individuals and local agencies can have access to the best resources at all times. Since its first publication in 1999, over 25,000 copies have been distributed.

These are economically challenging times for all of southern Nevada. However, it can not be denied that state and federal budget deficits and record-breaking unemployment have affected no group of people more than our courageous clients – whose unemployment rate almost doubles that of people living without disability.  A generous donation would provide the resources and connections so that these individuals can live in the freedom they so desire and even contribute to the revitalization of our community. Our very past is proof that, with the right tools, such lofty-sounding goals can become a reality.

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