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The Somaly Mam Foundation (SMF) is a nonprofit organization committed to ending modern slavery and empowering its survivors as part of the solution. Human trafficking, a multi-billion dollar industry, is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. With an estimated two million women and children sold into sexual slavery each year, it is a global crisis that must be stopped.

We work closely with partners in Southeast Asia, where the trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls is widespread.  SMF has supported thousands of women and girls on their journey to health, hope, and economic independence. Our Voices For Change survivor-leaders work as advocates, activists, and catalysts of next-generation change.

On a deeper level, we see the impact of this work in subtle shifts in cultural norms, in a proud network of entrepreneurial female survivors starting businesses and social enterprises, in open conversations on human trafficking in mass media, in strategic government and police partnerships, and in a growing trust in the rule of law, which is critical to combating corruption and protecting survivors. All of these are steps down a road to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls for good.

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