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The West that we love is at a crossroads, and the choices we make will shape its future—our future—for generations to come. Challenges include:

How communities will grow in the future: The next wave of growth and change is just around the corner. This time, we have the choice to move beyond poorly planned development and to build neighborhoods that have more housing and transportation choices, that are located closer to city and town centers, and that provide greater convenience for residents and financial benefits for communities.

Protecting our natural resources: As our population grows, so does demand for water and other natural resources. Our work in the Colorado River Delta has taught us that enormous water diversions can ruin an entire ecosystem and a way of life. We now have the choice to allocate resources in a way that accommodates growth while preserving our natural environment.

A changing climate: Drought, wildfires, and extreme weather events are now part of everyday life. We can choose to move beyond the polarized debate on this issue and take steps to build community resiliency—helping cities and towns to anticipate and to adapt to disruptive climate events.

The challenges that we face in the West are on a massive scale, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. It is exactly at these critical junctions that you will find the Sonoran Institute.

Our mission is to help communities navigate difficult decision points by providing the experience, skills, and knowledge needed to inspire informed choices. The Sonoran Institute specializes in local engagement—bringing all sides together to agree on a community’s best path forward.

As a nonprofit, our ability to succeed hinges support and contributions from citizens, businesses and foundations. If you have supported our vital work in the past, thank you. If not, consider joining our exciting journey today with a donation. 

The Sonoran Institute is a nonprofit organization with offices in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona; Bozeman, Montana; Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.

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