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The South End Community Center, “hereafter referred to as the SECC” as well as the non-profit human services sector in Springfield are a transformational stage of development. While federal, state, and local funding sources have decreased crime and violence, dropout rates, and child homelessness and poverty rates have sharply increased. Current Springfield community based organizations “hereafter referred to as CBO’s” were ill prepared to navigate the economic downturn. 

Subsequently, the Springfield community has incurred an increasinglytroubling decline in youth and communal services. Many CBO’s close at 6:00 PM due to budget constraints, others have dissolved completely. Consequently, some CBO’s have been acquired and merged into nationally based CBO’s. 

This current trend of lack luster services, and cannibalization is  extremely alarming. When you consider youth participation in risky  behaviors such as unprotected sex, alcohol, and drug abuse, and violence is increasing. Though the SECC has felt the economic crunch as well, we have continued to provide quality services, innovative  programming and open doors until 10:00 PM. 

The SECC is positioned as the only all-inclusive CBO in the South End of Springfield. Moreover, due to our hours of operation, the SECC services       residents of the Greater Springfield area as well. Though, the June 1st tornado of 2011 destroyed our building, it only strengthened our resolve, and renewed our purpose. Our staff has passion for community investment, and youth       development. We intend to continually push the envelope by innovating our programming and business model. We will continue to provide quality,           economical, and substantive services geared towards community and youth       development. 

The South End Community Center is an all-inclusive public service agency, which services the Greater Springfield area, with a focus on the South End Community. The SECC business model provides a holistic needs assessment approach to provide wrap around services for the community. According to the 2010 census ,there are over 3,000 residents in the South End Community. However, the community has lost over 200 residents between the years 2000 and 2009, which comprises[1] 6.4% of its population. Moreover, the South End Community has lost more residents and businesses since the tornado of 2011, which has yet to be quantified. The South End Community Center services a diverse population with the majority (66%) being of Hispanic descent. 

Furthermore, the South End community is most impoverished community in Springfield with 59% of residents living in poverty. The South End Community has only one neighborhood school, the South End Middle School, which ranks 15th out of the top 20 poorest schools in the state, with 97% of students living in poverty.

Consequently ,before the tornado of 2011 destroyed the South End               Community Center facility, there were over 800 participants engaged in structured programming and over24,000 participants in regards to the drop in, and rental population.


[1] UnitedStates. Census Bureau. American Community Survey. Springfield MA.: GPO, 2011.Print




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