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Hi!  My name is Morgan.

My family couldn't care for me, so they took me to a local park and left me. It was a terrible feeling to discover I had been abandoned!  

After six days of waiting for them to return, I decided to move on.  I spent days hiding from people and trying to find food. This was not fun.

After several weeks "on the run" I was so tired and sick.  I had lost weight, my paws hurt from walking, and I itched everywhere!

One day after just closing my eyes to sleep, I was suddenly swept up in someone's arms.  What was happening to me? I was placed in a car and I got really scared, but before I could try and get away a nice woman opened the door and loved me, smiled and was very soft.

I was to find out that I was now entering the Southside Animal Shelter and the nice, soft lady was the Director of Southside.

I was fed, cleaned, and given medicine for the itching. I felt great. I was loved and felt safe.

It costs Southside Animal Shelter $9.88 per day to care for me and each of my 286 new friends.  Of course, that doesn't include any medical costs.

Why am I sharing this story with you?  As I prepare to leave the shelter and begin my new life with a loving family, I need to know all the cats and dogs who need a temporary home and care will be able to stay at Southside Animal Shelter.

I need to know that you will be there to support Southside Animal Shelter.  Please make at least a $10 donation today to cover one day of care.

Today, I am a new dog because of the love and support I received at Southside Animal Shelter.  All of this has happened and will continue to happen because of you.

Thank you for your support!  Remember, there are 286 of my friends counting on you!  Every gift of $10 will feed and shelter one of them for one day.

Please give and please email and share my message to everyone you know.


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