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Southwest Advocacy Group, or "SWAG,"  is a grassroots, non-profit that advocates for seven low-income neighborhoods in SW Gainesville.  SWAG seeks to address the needs of the community by connecting individuals and families to services and resources through advocacy and from agency and community partners.  

SWAG's initial vision became a reality when the Board of County Commissioners, Partnership for Strong Families, SWAG, and dozens of local businesses joined forces, opening the SWAG Family Resource Center in June of 2012.  The Family Resource Center offers services designed to develop self sufficiency and promote the welfare of children and families. (To check out the current services that are being provided at the Family Resource Center, go to  

In 2015, building on the momentum created by the resource center, SWAG, together with Alachua County, the Alachua County Health Department, and numerous private entities opened the SW Health Clinic across the street from the resource center.  The clinic provides full service dental, medical and pediatric services and is currently seeing more than 500 patients a month!  

SWAG's third vision, an early learning and family education center is well on its way to becoming a reality as well.  The CHILD Center is expected to open in 2018, and will serve approximately 50 children under the age of five, and their families.  It will also function as a "hub" for a county wide model demonstration center that will provide professional development for early childhood educators across the county. 



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