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I strive to raise awareness of the brutality and deceptions of the abortion industry through speaking and GAP events at universities throughout Arizona.  With additional funding, I want CBR Arizona to expand to New Mexico and Nevada.

My first hand experience with the evils and deceptive propaganda of Planned Parenthood led me into the darkness of abortion.  “It was a special kind of hell just for women!  You could see the gut wrenching pain in the eyes of women coming out of their procedures. Lies and disrespect towards women was rampant!  I was personally told not to stay too long in a recliner because there were too many patients and not enough recovery seats available!”

Years later, I saw the images with CBR and realized that I had indeed allowed for my baby to be killed, it wasn't just tissue lining that was removed, it was my tiny baby with hands and feet.

I just want the truth to be known and pictures don't lie!  This is why I do what I do to save women from becoming victim's of deception and babies becoming victim's of genocide.

Will you stand with me? Join me in my cause to do the right thing and watch how God will bless you!


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Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

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