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The Power of Therapeutic Horseback Riding - A Rider's Story

She enters the stable with such enthusiasm that everyone stops to smile and greet her - including the horses! She is 32 years young, diagnosed with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, seizure disorder, and an intellectual impairment. But Mom describes her as “one happy, healthy young person” and had the following reflections to share. 

"Special Equestrians has been a part of Mallory's life since 1987, and she is so excited every Sunday when she tells me “I ride.”  She has experienced moments of great success in the program – she helps put the saddle on her horse, gets the lead line and reins so she can lead him to the arena, and mounts, steers, stops, and dismounts on cue. Each week you can see the excitement on her face when she walks past the horses in their stalls calling each one by name.  In an effort to get people to talk with her, she calls them cows or says “Not a cow.”  Then she laughs and usually corrects herself, “a HORSE!”  She enjoys this little game, and I don't think anyone has more fun at Special E than Mallory.

Special E has helped her become more confident, more social, more verbal, and more independent.  It has helped her be able to follow several commands in a row and has greatly improved her motor skills.  Riding makes her feel special and it is something she knows she can do – all thanks to Special Equestrians."

Special Equestrians - a therapeutic riding program where horses help people with special needs in so many ways!  Serving Birmingham and Jefferson, Shelby, and neighboring counties.

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