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Special Olympics Idaho is more than sports, it is about changing lives.  Athletes who participate in Special Olympics gain confidence and self-esteem which carry over into their every day lives, helping to make them contributing members of their community.

Consider making a donation to Special Olympics Idaho, no donation is too small.  Every dollar helps to fulfill our mission of year-round sports training and competitions throughout communities in Idaho.  Your donation to Special Olympics Idaho gives athletes the ability to celebrate the champion within!

Participation in Special Olympics Idaho is Preparing for Life Through Sports!  The statement below from the mother of one of our athlete's says it best:

"Dillon has changed in so many ways. His growth has been remarkable. Since joining Special Olympics I have seen Dillon's confidence skyrocket. He is simply a new person. 

It is one thing to tell him he is amazing, remarkable or strong. It is also one thing to tell him he should be proud of himself and his accomplishments. But, the one thing Special Olympics gives Dillon and all athletes is the ability to feel it. Dillon now feels what it is like to have confidence. Dillon feels pride. He feels pride in himself and in his teammates. This alone is priceless.
Dillon can now think beyond himself. Being a part of a team that encourages each other, supports each other, rallies around each other, accepts each other, and truly loves and cares for each other no matter what has helped Dillon develop relationships and an understanding that there are others out there like him who he can count on and who can count on him. That is so empowering. He is accepted for who he is just the way he is. That security allows Dillon to be himself. He can in turn offer his friendship to others knowing how important that will mean to them. He has learned trust.
Before Dillon was involved in Special Olympics he really didn't like to go "outside his box" too much. He was quite happy to stay in his little world. Through so much encouragement and acceptance Dillon began to venture out. He now has a part time volunteer job at a tire/auto shop. They love him there. He is showing people just how normal someone with different needs really is. He has gone to schools and shared his story and love of sports and Special Olympics with others. He has befriended athletes who struggle with behaviors and has even been a mentor to them. Dillon is willing and ready to help out at any time not only with Special Olympics but at home and church and in the community.
It is like a snowball effect. Special Olympics gives Dillon a purpose. It is a place where he can grow and shine but in a safe environment. His confidence builds. He feels good about himself. He feels good about those who volunteer their precious time to make him happy and enjoy the experience. This makes him happy. His happiness is contagious. He shares it with his team mates, his coaches, the parents, the care providors, the staff and anyone else at practices. Then he leaves and stops by the Maverik for a treat on the way home from practice and he starts talking with the clerk and before you know it they develop this friendship and it makes the clerk smile and her evening goes a little bit better and then she is nicer and kinder to people who come in which makes them happier and then he goes to developemntal therapy and shares his experiences with fellow clients and it makes them excited to hear more and they want to be involved and then they get involved and they become happier and they share that happiness with the people in their lives which makes those people happier...........
Dillon has been able to effect the people around him. His new attitude and confidence has made it possible for him to open up and come out in the world and share his amazing self. People see that he is a great young man not just a disabled young man. He is waking others up and showing them that disabilities dont mean he is scary or different or wierd or less. They can see that there is so much more to him and they have more in common with him than they thought. They see that he and all athletes that live with disabilities have so much to offer and do have a place in this world.
So, as you can see Special Olympics has changed Dillon's world. Special Olympics has changed my world and Special Olympics is changing the world.

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