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Facing the Crisis at Hand

Confidence. Creativity. Collaboration. These are just some of the things that improve when a child participates in structured, rigorous music education. Multiple studies have shown that students that learn music develop stronger academic skills, and in general, enjoy a higher quality of life than peers who do not study music.

Unfortunately, cuts in school music education programs have left many students with minimal exposure to the arts. This trend has taken an especially harsh toll on high-need students, since school-based programs are often the only opportunity they have to receive music education.

SpreadMusicNow is committed to filling this gap by funding music programs that foster continual learning and that put students on a clear path to college, career, and life success.

We believe that by providing a child with music education, they will experience a better quality of life and develop skills that will help them to not only become successful students, but role models that benefit society as a whole.

Will you join us?

Help us in our mission to bring music education to as many students as possible.

Together, we can ensure that children across the nation experience the life-changing benefits of music education.

100% of your donation will support a nonprofit or school-based music education program.

SpreadMusicNow funds music instruction for under-served youth, helping to shape their futures and build lifelong success. BeFoundation, a Connecticut-based nonprofit, established the SpreadMusicNow fund at Fairfield County’s Community Foundation. For more information, visit www.spreadmusicnow.org.


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