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Spring Farm CARES is an Animal and Nature Sanctuary located in Central New York. We are home to an average of 275-300 animals including horses, donkeys, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and poultry. We also have a Nature Sanctuary of over 250 acres of forest, wetland, and grassland with several miles of trails open by appointment and for tours. You are always welcome to visit in person. We would love to show you around the farm and introduce you to the many wonderful animal residents. Visits and Tours can be scheduled by appointment so that we are sure to have someone available to show you around. 

Most of the animals living in our sanctuary are permanent residents – being either very elderly and/or with special needs.  However, we also usually have a number of cats/kittens, rabbits, and occasionally dogs available for adoption.  Our population consists of 180-200 cats/kittens, 25-30 horses/equines, 10-15 goats, 12-18 rabbits, 6-8 dogs, and 15-25 ducks/chickens/geese.  The cats live in communal rooms with access to enclosed porches for fresh air in good weather.  The dogs also live in rooms and have access to a play yard as well as access to daily nature walks.  Every horse has barn/stall access as well as turnout suitable for their specialized needs.  Our goats have access to pasture and play areas as well as stall areas.  

Every penny you donate goes directly to our programs and not to administrative or fundraising costs.  You truly make an immediate difference in the lives of the animals and to all of the humans whose lives they touch.  Besides the Animal and Nature Sanctuaries, we also have a Humane Education Program reaching about 5,000 kids per year, as well as a Spay/Neuter Assistance program for residents of Oneida County.  

What makes Spring Farm CARES truly unique is our dedication to the philosophy that guides us each day.  That philosophy is centered around the understanding that animals have souls and emotions just like humans.  We are a center for Interspecies Communication and home base to Co-Founder, renowned Animal Communicator Dawn Hayman.  The animals literally teach us how to work with them for the betterment of not just other animals but for us humans as well.  Animals live without judgment and love unconditionally and they offer much to share and teach to us.  The sharing of hearts between animals and humans is the guiding light of Spring Farm CARES. You are their hope and their voices and through your support - everything that they give and share - reaches out to help many more people and animals than you can ever know.  

We all thank you for the support you give and the miracles and magic you make happen every day.   

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